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Transponder or chip keys are a whole new challenge for owners wanting extra keys, or to replace missing keys.
It is no longer enough just to send us a photo of an existing key, or a key code, and get a new key ready to use.


To replace a transponder (chip) key involves two separate issues-

MECHANICAL - a key cut or milled so it will turn in your locks (this is how all keys used to be).

We can provide the mechanical part of your requirements - provide a key and cut it to your (mechanical) code, after decoding your own key, if that is needed. We proudly continue to guarantee our keys, decoding and cutting to provide you with the best available keys service for both older and modern classic cars and motorcycles. We mill (cut) almost all automotive key types - flat, "laser cut", "sidewinder", dimple, Tibbe.

ELECTRONIC - you will need a microchip that fits into the head of our key and have the chip programmed to the vehicle (to the engine immobilizer anti-theft system).

We generally do not deal with the electronics in keys because the programming of new keys has to be done with an original key present at the same time-- not possible by mail order!

The good news is that many transponder chips - especially older-technology ones - can easily be programmed in a special machine by reading the chip code from an existing key and transferring it to a new chip. More and more locksmiths and key cutters, even the ones in shopping malls, stock the chips and have a programming machine.

The first step to getting a new key is to take your original key to these shops and let them test it. They will tell you if they can supply and program the chip you need. If they can, you are ready for the next step: Keys4Classics can supply a high quality "chip-ready" key and cut or mill it to code, so the mechanical part of the key is done. When you receive our key, check that it turns your locks OK and then take the new key back to the local shop to have the chip programmed and inserted in the key head.

Generally we supply the key without the chip, just the space in the head where the chip will go. That way there is a clear division of responsibility between ourselves (for the mechanical part) and the chip supplier/programmer (for the electronic part). However, we can often supply fully chipped (but not programmed) keys when necessary.

We source only the world's best quality keys, cut them to code with great precision, and fully guarantee our keys and our cutting. Our "chip-ready" keys cost a little more than the older ("20th century!") non-chip keys. Our decoding and cutting/milling fees are the same.

From the late 1990s (mid 1990s in Europe) vehicle manufacturers began introducing a new technology into their keys: transponder or "electronic chip" keys. A transponder key exchanges radio signals with the ignition system, and without the correct exchange the engine will not start, even if the key turns the ignition switch. It provides a great counter-measure against car thieves, but it is also harder for owners to obtain new working keys for their vehicle.

Will our "chip-ready" service work for all vehicle makes/years/models? No, unfortunately not. If you cannot find anyone to duplicate or program a transponder chip then you may have to go to an authorized dealer for your vehicle and order a new key from them. Or you could try just getting a chip and programming from the dealer to add to our key, there should still be a cost saving with that.

Some vehicle marques have "closed system" keys and you will not be able to replace them except through a dealer, and even then there are restrictions on the number of times you can replace keys. Also, some keys integrate the key blade, microchip and remote (fob/buttons) into the one key and this type of key may not be available except as an original part.

You are probably already aware that transponder keys from a dealer can be expensive, so hopefully there is an alternative solution for your vehicle!

"CHIP-READY" TRANSPONDER KEYS FOR VOLVO  S40, S60, S70, S80, S90, V40, V50, V70, V90, XC70, XC90 (most years) also the last years of models 850, 950, 960 etc requiring a chip key. Contact us for details.
"CHIP-READY" TRANSPONDER KEYS FOR SAAB 9-3 AND 9-3, 1998-2003 APPROX. Contact us for details.

"CHIP-READY" TRANSPONDER KEYS FOR "21st CENTURY" JAGUAR (all models after about 1997/98, and Sovereign after 1996) XJR, XJ8, X-TYPE, S-Type. Contact us for details.

Transponder keys are a separate technology to remotes where an exchange of radio signals enables you to undo the door and trunk locks without inserting and turning a key. Most remotes can be programmed easily with do-it-yourself instructions. At this time we do not supply or deal with remotes.

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